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Why You’re Not Getting Any Job Offers

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Are you a good employee? Do you have good references and a good rapport in your positions? Do you ever wonder why less qualified people get hired and paid more than you do? You’ve polished your resume, you’ve had a friend look over it, you’ve followed all the procedures- yet, still no callback.

Do you know those people? The ones who threaten to change their phone numbers because they are getting TOO many job offers? Those phone calls and job offers aren’t fake. Your friend’s resume isn’t affected- instead, your friend has learned how to “fix” a resume.

To “Fix” a resume is to have a.i or another program make your resume for you. For example, you input your data such as your name, etc. your previous jobs- and this program or site changes the outline, making “keywords” the prime point of each sentence in your resume. Your resume can be outstanding, but huge companies like or need to filter out candidates.

A program commonly known to recruiters and offered to big hiring companies for a low price is Resumix– I first heard about the resumix career course I took in college- and then also through Resumes for dummies. Resumix looks” keywords” in a mass scan of all the applicant’s resumes, and the outlines with the most “keywords” get put on the top of the pile. Literally.

I held a position at Chicago Animal Care and Control, where they offered high pay in Chicago. They told me, not surprisingly, my resume was one of the top four. Other places I’ve applied to have often told me the same. So who were those other three at the top of the pile with me? They were people who knew that they cannot make an outstanding resume on their own and that do not have “keywords,” they most likely WILL NOT be called in for an interview.

When going to a job interview, the mistake I often find is that these managers are following their indeed ad top pile list blindly. Though my resume has vital words, it’s also filled with garbage. Having ten different jobs in 4 years isn’t exactly appealing. But the fact that I could even get ten jobs in 4 years is not luck, not even experience; it’s “keywords.”

While you might think your resume is outstanding, technology is too advanced these days to read through your resume and find the charisma that you display in words. Your resume is filtered among thousands of other applicants who, like you, don’t know that companies and recruiters use such programs gives people, and maybe less experienced people, an advantage over you.

If you pay a professional to write your resume, you’re just paying someone to  their free program to fix your resume, so it stands out. Career counseling is excellent, but a lot of resume programs are scams. Also, you should have about three different resumes at hand. Never just one overview. I have a Veterinary CSR, Veterinary Technician, and Writer resume. If I went back in time with all the different hobbies I’ve had, I have about 20 other resumes.

Here are my tips for catching Resumix and getting the job:

  1. Please keep your resume no longer than a page and a half, clean, and straightforward;  I’ve been told it can be beneficial to the job to print on both sides of the *resume* paper, as many people are ecofriendly, and it’s wasting paper not to print on both sides of the paper. It’s nice to be modern, but size 10 font in cursive isn’t exactly appealing to someone who just wants to know what your credibility and experiences are. as I stated above, it’s not ideal to have ten different jobs in four years. Put only jobs related to that industry aside from your basic gen eds.  Companies seek someone who has experience or knowledge on that specific job.  Take advantage of  career courses, free classes, free college certificates, and interning/ experiences relative to the industry
  1. You choose where YOU want to work first. Whether it be a job offered on or just a company you know you’d love, you need to read the job proposal to a tee. You want to create a resume that caterers to this job description. Resume writing software will, then, work with what you input. Best study every bit of that job, and have a very catered to cover letter drafted.
  1. If you’re looking for any position- go through your resume builder (assuming most are similar) and see what industries are out there. Be sure to put entrylevel positions. The point is to catch Resumix’s attention, NOT to falsify your resume.
  1. Most companies still insist on calling people out of thin air to offer them job interviews. Download a caller ID or reverse number search app on your phone. White pages premium is the best, but there are free ones as well. Never pick up when they initially call you (unless planned).. Be sure to check who the number is, then as fast as you can read the job description offered to you, and maybe briefly go through their company website. Please don’t leave it longer than twenty or so minutes; call them back and ask to speak to the appropriate person.
  1. Once you are one on one (no more resumix), you almost yourself need to work robotically. Chances are these managers are looking for “keywords” themselves. That’s why reading the job description is crucial to getting the job and nailing the phone and in-person interview. If the job tells you details, but you continue to ask anyway, it can make you look like you’re just applying anywhere and don’t care about the company. (Whether this be true or not).
  1. Take free online courses. They are everywhere! College courses free all over the place. Just make sure it’s not spam (usually the top 5 results on google are spam or ads). Maybe you don’t have college degrees, or education in general under your belt; these legit courses come to your advantage when a manager is reviewing your credibility. Take the classes; I guarantee faking your way into a job will end up disastrous.
  1. Before using a resume program, make sure that’s not spam as well. My favorite resume-making program is I haven’t looked for another one, but you need to have a premium to download the resume; however, if times are hard, you can take what it says or “fixes” and put it into Microsoft word templates. I pay for the premium since I am open to a magnificent amount of professions.
  1. REVIEW YOUR RESUME- I’ve made the mistake of not proofreading my resume and found I had acquired many talents I didn’t have.
  1. Use this knowledge as a way to get the job you want and deserve. Not as a way to one-up someone in an industry you know nothing about. The more honest you can be, the better. Discretion and tact are not the same as honesty. Don’t apply to be a manager of IT if you have no experience in IT or Management.. You might get to the interview, but you’ll soon realize you’ve just wasted everyone’s time.

10. Find one good program you like, pay for premium. If not, you may not have the best programs, as well as you may become an “app hoarder” not knowing where you stored your resumes in the jumble of free programs. Paying for premium is just supporting the company so they can continue to help you in your job hunt.

Resumix resumes are submitted online and kept in a database regardless of whether or not they contain the proper information. However, if you do submit a Resumix resume that is not properly formatted it will never see the light of day or be reviewed.

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written by: m.r 11/3/2020

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