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Black Mirror Season Six: Why We Wont See Any New Episodes Until 2022.

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Black Mirror, one of Netflix’s most talked about and watched unique series has put a halt on airing Season Six until at least 2022. The addicting plot has consumers watching episodes and seasons of Black Mirror back to back or in binge sessions.

Here Is What We Do Know:

Black Mirror will not be airing any new episodes on Netflix until 2022. Charlie Brooker, the creator of the hit television show states, “We may not be airing new episodes anytime soon.” He says he is, “working on other projects and will return to this project later.”

The Sixth Season Talk:

Though the creator said he was busy with other projects, reports indicate that while in talks about creating and airing season six the creators of the show unanimously agreed that the public might not handle the sixth season very well in these very, very, strange and unpredictable times. They have not been cancelled by Netflix, the streaming giant which means the show has a huge probability of returning to Netflix, but the creators may hold off until the world is a bit more stable. …

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