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First, what exactly is thrifting…?

  1. Thrifting

  2. Thrifting refers to the act of shopping at a thrift store, flea market, garage sale, or a shop of a charitable organization, usually with the intent of finding interesting items at a low price. A larger philosophy permeates the act of thrifting which celebrates the recycling of formerly-owned items, finding new use and new love for vintage material goods which had been thrown out, and the thrill of imagining what the former life of the item was like. A zine called “Thrift Score”, published in the 1990s by Ms. Al Hoff, celebrated this lifestyle. Many “resale” shops pull their more interesting items from thrift stores and sell them at higher prices – the premium is because the “digging for gold” has already been done.

If it’s second-hand isn’t it gross?

  1. The clothes you pick are always in excellent shape. I want to say a majority of these outfits have never been worn. I’d much rather go to a thrift shop then cruise through a friends closet. Also, new tags? Bling bling.
  2. No. Because they aim to serve the company (I.e Salvation Army, unique, goodwill) as they are paid employees
  3. Gross? Never. Rare, absolutely.

Items Purchased October 2020

  1. Along with:
  2. Blue Sky High Rise Jeans
  3. Lauren Hill Top
  4. Marvel Superman t shirt
  5. Chicago is always first r shirt
  6. Cat litter
  7. Coloring Books
  8. Words of wisdom books
  9. Rare books
  10. New phone case
  11. Self-Help books
  12. Brand new batteries
  13. Brand new phone holder for car
  14. Brand new blue tooth car connectivity
  15. Brand new elephant, tiger, E.T puzzles
  16. Figurines
  17. Crystal Glass
  18. Bar stool
  19. Extension cord
  20. Charger
  21. Lamps
The clothes were all brand new, and books either new or in good condition. This was just a casual trip- I spent $32.00 in total. I went to the family salvation on a Monday where their highest priced items are half off, I paid no more than .50 cents for brand new clothes and shoes. The most expensive item was the bar stool which cost me $6.50
“When thrifting for profit, that’s when you really focus on the popularity of the item and what’s in demand. Don’t buy a bunch of crap not knowing how it will sell. Designer clothes, and books will never go out of fashion” -me
Thrifting For Profit 101

Coming Soon <Nov 2020>

Thrifting For Profit 101

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