Dogs Naturally Magazine, a Veterinary based magazine, inspired me to research this incredibly important, Interesting, and alarming article about dog nutrition.

Studies recently show canines eating brand new diets to pups eating brands with nutrition deficiencies (I.e., Pedigree, Beneful, Alpo), which contain large amounts of processed foods, found that dogs eating fresh foods statistically live on average two years and eight months longer than those with the low nutritional diets and/or “cheap” brands.

That’s an extra thirty-two months on your beloved fur baby’s life.

There are many explanations for canines prematurely aging. Contemporary research shows that telomeres – a compound structuring at the end of a chromosome “shortening” could be one connection between processed diets and a shortened life.


The end of each chromosome is a stretch of DNA named telomeres in both canines and homo sapiens.

Telomeres 🧬 are essentially the tough rounded ends of shoelaces. Telomeres conceal the perimeters of your dog’s chromosomes and stop ✋ them from unfolding. 🚫

As canines age, their telomeres get shorter. Generally, old canines have immensely shortened telomeres. Every time a cell divides, the acting telomere for that chromosome gets shortened. Cells are continually dividing, such as surface cells like skin and cells within significant organs such as the liver.

Once the telomeres are wholly gone, its chromosome on the DNA unfolds 🧬 , and the cell will execute one of three plans:

  • Self-destruction (apoptosis)
  • Go Solo (evolve cancerously)
  • Retire (becomes senescent)

The body is continually residing with cancers and stands adequately equipped to handle them. If the immune system is working sufficiently, it can pick up and demolish any cancerous cells. Again, that’s if the immune system is not compromised.

It’s the senescent (or cessation of cell division) cells that do the most damage to the body. Senescent cells are the one guy who ruins the party as these cells come baring early-onset of age-related disease.

Senescent cells lay dormant, and at any given time in the body, they discharge poisonous chemicals. These chemicals begin to grip to encircling healthy cells, causing that cell to become senescent or cancerous.

You need to protect the telomeres.


Researchers in Spain looked at telomeres size and diets in human participants. They lay the first stone that the more processed diets they ate, the faster they shortened telomeres.

Partakers that ate three or more servings of refined or processed foods everyday stood 82% more apt to bring into light shortened telomeres.

What is refined or processed food? Like yourselves, your canine companions rely solely on the diet you feed them and to enhance longevity, as well as address specific breed diets and needs it’s important to know how to read a dog food label and more important to understand it. Think of processed food as “fillers”. Bad brands of dog food will usually list a filler or a meat “meal or derivative” (essentially ANY part of the protein source, I mean any part) and include a lot of grains such as corn to keep your pet full for longer. Corn, isn’t easily digested whole for humans, and it’s no better for dogs. This does not mean you should feed your pets grain-free food. It means the grains if at all should be healthy, ground up if needed, and easily digested.

Recent articles in both frontline and DVM360 have linked grain-free diets to cardiomyopathy or heart disease/failure. Hills Food Manufacturer sent a disturbing informational article to all associate Veterinary hospitals in June of 2019 showing the research-based evidence and development of grain-free diets and heart failure or sudden death due to heart issues in over five hundred canines.


A LOT of pet foods and food brands (raw foods included) encompass refined ingredients. The ingredients are exposed to high heat, processing machines, or prepared in a laboratory and approximately entirely nurtured by human reserves. It cuts expenses for the pet food corporation to put fillers and processed food in the nourishment as grain is an inexpensive crop and corn is the cheapest. Corn that is not ground up is not generally tolerated by humans nor pets- the food must contain appropriate grains such as “ground” corn.

The first ingredient listed should always be the protein source (meat). Don’t be fooled by the word meal derivative or meals; this meat is essentially the meat you don’t want your pet to have (I.e., Weird body parts or even meat from untrustworthy or none grass-fed animals from non-accredited farmers).

Dog food standards are not the same as human food standards. The only thing a dog food brand needs is a label listing the ingredients and for it to be visible on the bag. No further testing of the food to date is required by law. PET FOOD DOES NOT need to be FDA tested unless it’s a prescription diet. It does need to pass its own “FDA” mentioned below.

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) provides nutritional standards (called model bills and regulations) that pet food manufacturers must abide by if they want to advertise their food as “complete and balanced.” – dogsnaturallymagazine

While the pet food industry reduces their costs by supplementing essential nutrients with fillers, processed foods and protein meals and maybe save a few bucks on the packaging, this day in age the brands are all aware (if they weren’t before) and still sell garbage to gain more personal profit (though they swim in it as is), they add bills to your veterinary tab and take years off your pet’s life, practically load your dog up with fillers, meat and meal derivatives, and indigestiblele grains. We simply have no idea we are slowly killing our pets. Not to mention they STILL push grain-free when it causes heart failure.

Name brand pet food. Is it malicious? Not all, well some probably are, but there are many brands of food. It’s unlikely intentional all pet food corporations are trying to murder your pet since canine and feline nutrition is only recently becoming a significant component of raising healthy pets, and though many brands have been forced off shelves or forced to re-do their recipe; to this day, pedigree, also, and Beneful cut corners. Will display labels below

Pet foods don’t just contain animals with unbalanced fats … they contain grains and foods that also include unbalanced fats. This is mostly to keep costs down — and the folks at AAFCO seem to be fine with this”

What are the ingredients most likely to be processed? What do you need to pay extra attention to? Words.

  • Meals (like chicken meal or corn meal)
  • Flavors (even natural flavors)
  • Colorings
  • Vitamins – what vitamins and how much?
  • Minerals– what minerals and how much?

You probably already know to stay away from meals and flavors. But many “high end” brands and freeze-dried foods contain vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins sourced in pet food are made with petroleum or fat products and are highly processed in factories. Minerals are also being processed in high heat and can be toxi. Avoid “added vitamins and minerals” or “all-natural and fresh with added supplements”

Processed foods are deficient in antioxidants. A fixed stream of antioxidants is vital to ameliorate oxidative stress harm and telomere curtailing.


Simple! Food and lifestyle change. Small adjustments you can make that will help keep your dog’s telomeres long and inflammation down.

Here is a list of supplements proved safe to give to pets that are found OTC. These you can purchase yourself.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fats: Both omega-6 and omega-3 fats have the ability to control hormones — and the hormones they control have very different jobs. The omega-6 fatty acids produce hormones that increase inflammation, which is an important part of the immune response. They also help with blood clotting and cell growth. The hormones produced by omega-3 fatty acids also control the immune system and they work alongside the omega-6 fats in an antagonistic manner. So, balance between these fatty acids is an important part of a healthy immune system. Both fats are important and your dog needs both in his diet. But these fats must be reasonably balanced for a balanced immune system … and today’s modern diets make this balance difficult.

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Sulforaphane: Broccoli and especially broccoli sprouts are rich in a polyphenol called sulforaphane. This is a powerful antioxidant and liver detoxifier … but make sure it’s not heated as heat destroys the enzyme that converts sulforaphane in the body.

Probiotics/Prebiotics: A prosperous stomach includes an abundance of bacteria that reduce inflammation. And as pups age, their microbiomes become less distinct, and this can cause inflammation and telomere shortening.

Those are just expansions to your pet’s diet. Additionally, for an upset stomach, you can serve none-dessert canned pumpkin or boiled chicken and white rice. “Bland” diets are preferred when a dog is experiencing digestive tract issues. What your dog food should contain are the three driving energy sources.

Your dog needs three sources to operate: protein, fats, and carbohydrates. These macronutrients are the only source of calories your dog gets.

Proteins are made up of building blocks called amino acids. Amino acids are important not just for energy but for vitality and tissue assembly in the bodies cell production. They also fire up the metabolic process. (hence energy drinks are loaded with amino acids and bcaa)

Fat is a rich source of energy. Pound per pound fat is two times more highly caloric than the protein source. You need to watch the amount of fat per protein ratio when feeding. Fat is essential in protecting your dog’s cells and aids in making hormones as well as fattysoluble vitamins. Without a steady supply of protein and fat, your dog will die.

Carbohydrates are not essential for life, and dogs can survive without them, but that does not mean they shouldn’t be removed from the recipe. Carbohydrates help boost the dog’s immune systems and help reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases.

That being said the following sites are great for pet nutrition recalls, questions, and information.

Dog food advisor Constantly updates with researched and laboratory-based evidence for every type of pet food imaginable
Different breeds means different nutrition needs!


Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, 28-lb bag

Nutritional Information

  • Beef, Peas, Garbanzo Beans, Lamb Meal, Canola Oil, Egg Product, Wild Boar, Ocean Fish Meal, Pea Flour, Dried Yeast, Tomato Pomace, Flaxseed, Natural Flavor, Salmon Oil (A Source Of DHA), Salt, Choline Chloride, Taurine, Dried Chicory Root, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Raspberries, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Dried Lactobacillus Plantarum Fermentation Product, Dried Bacillus Subtilis Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Enterococcus Faecium Fermentation Product, Dried Bi Fidobacterium Animalis Fermentation Product, Vitamin E Supplement, Iron Proteinate, Zinc Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Ferrous Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Potassium Iodide, Thiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin B1), Manganese Proteinate, Manganous Oxide, Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin A Supplement, Biotin, Niacin, Calcium Pantothenate, Manganese Sulfate, Sodium Selenite, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Vitamin B12 Supplement, Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Vitamin D Supplement, Folic Acid. Contains A Source Of Live (Viable), Naturally Occurring Microorganisms.

Caloric Content

  • 3,600 kcal/kg, 360 kcal/cup

EXAMPLE: Bad Dog Food- look at the first few ingredients.


Ingredients : THE BOLD ARE VERY BAD.


Directions :

Throw dog food out.

Faking Happy; Toxic Positivity

Faking Happy; Toxic Positivity


The Toxic World of Self-Help: Hustle Culture, Toxic–

Definition of noxious

1a: physically harmful or destructive to living beingsnoxious wastenoxious fumesb: constituting a harmful influence on mind or behaviorespeciallymorally corruptingnoxious doctrines2: DISAGREEABLEOBNOXIOUSthis noxious political scandal— H. L. Ickes

Noxious positivity assumes that one should protect a definite mindset no matter how terrible or challenging a circumstance is. It’s a “genuine vibes” show to grow. Furthermore, while there are gains to living an academic and interlocking positive and concrete and reasonable life, infectious positivity sooner recants complex emotions in favor of a happy, naturally lousy period.

It’s not brand-new that positive thought; excellent mental health, indeed binds hand and hand. The significant predicament breathes that growth isn’t forever definite. We all bargain with distressing sensations and experiences many times during our lifetime. 

While often bothersome and challenging to barter with, certain troubles mean acquiring proper treatment also well-being skills. To “not handle” your problems competently presents to others a “cluttered-minded person: a cynic.” 

The attitude stated earlier doesn’t only accentuate the importance of virtue; it also rejects all traces of individual perceptions that aren’t stringently fit or positive.

The dangers of faking happiness in times of struggles.  The Noxious Positivity is a mindset commonly displayed by people who are unable to comprehend empathy or narcissisms.  Emotions need to be challenged face on to get over.

Classes of Noxious Positivity

Noxious positivity can convey itself in a deep assortment of models. Some cases yourself may have confronted in your private living:

  • If something terrible befalls, such as losing your employment, personages inform you to “just stay positive” or “look on the sunny side.” While before-mentioned judgments usually mean to be compassionate, they can too exist as a method of shutting down anything you might need to say regarding everything you are feeling.
  • After undergoing any disaster, people say that “everything happens for a purpose.” While people usually get such comments because people think they act supportive, it is likewise a method of evading someone else’s hurt. 
  • If you show frustration or melancholy, someone says to you that “happiness is a choice.” This hints that if you feel cold emotions, then it’s your individual decision also your liability for not “wanting” to be content.

The before-mentioned accounts are frequently well-intentioned but dangerous. By their most salutary, so comments appear off being hackneyed truisms that allowed you off the hook, so you don’t have to allot with separate people’s emotions.

At their worst, these remarks end up disgracing and condemning somebody that is continually dealing with difficult circumstances.

Noxious positivity denies people this genuine aid that all require to cope with what they are fronting.

How? It’s Dangerous

Noxious positivity can hurt somebody that is going through challenging times. Rather than sharing actual individual sentiments and growing positive support, people see their emotions discarded, overlooked, or downright invalidated. 

  • It’s dishonoring: While someone is hurting, people need to understand that their sensations are real, just that everybody can find comfort also love toward their companions and people. However, noxious positivity shows that the sentiments all are believing equal wrong. 
  • It creates offense: It sends a note that if you aren’t obtaining a way to feel positive, even within the presentation of disaster, you are doing something incorrectly.
  • It bypasses genuine individual sensation: Noxious positivity practices as an escape tool. While different personalities mesh in that sort of style, it empowers them to shun sensitive circumstances that might cause them to feel awkward. But sometimes, we utilize those same ideas individually, internalizing these toxic ideas. When we feel difficult emotions, we then discount, dismiss, and deny them.
  • It hinders fullness: It enables us to withdraw from feeling anything that might signify depressing, yet it additionally disallows us this capability to withstand challenging feelings that can eventually begin to grow and more in-depth insight.

The “positive vibes only” mantra has become particularly grating to many in light of the COVID-19 global pandemic. During the pandemic, people have faced illness, lockdowns, shelter in place orders, business shutdowns, working from home, homeschooling challenges, job loss, and financial struggles.

People are faced with massive disruptions in their lives and pressure to stay productive and be positive during a traumatic and challenging time on many levels.

According to the 2020 Stress in America report by the American Psychological Association, 46% of American adults with kids under 18 report high-stress levels during the pandemic.1

It is possible to be optimistic in the face of difficult experiences and challenges. But people going through trauma don’t need to be told to stay positive or feel that they are being judged for not maintaining a sunny outlook.


Toxic positivity can often be subtle, but learning to recognize the signs can help you better identify this behavior type. Some signs include:

  • She was brushing off problems rather than facing them.
  • She was feeling guilty about being sad, angry, or disappointed.
  • You were hiding your true feelings behind feel-good quotes that seem more socially acceptable.
  • Hiding or disguising how you feel.
  • They are minimizing other people’s feelings because they make you uncomfortable.
  • They are shaming other people when they don’t have a positive attitude.
  • Trying to be stoic or “get over” painful emotions.

How to Avoid Toxic Positivity

If you’ve been affected by toxic positivity—or if you recognize this kind of behavior in yourself— there are things that you can do to develop a healthier, more supportive approach. Some ideas include:

  • Manage your negative emotions, but don’t deny themNegative emotions can cause stress when unchecked two, but they can also provide important information that can lead to beneficial life changes.
  • Be realistic about what you should feel. When you face a stressful situation, it’s normal to feel stressed, worried, or even fearful. Don’t expect too much from yourself. Focus on self-care and taking steps that can help improve your situation.
  • It’s okay to feel more than one thing. If you face a challenge, it’s possible to feel nervous about the future but hopeful that you will succeed. Your emotions are as complex as the situation itself. 
  • Focus on listening to others and showing support. When someone expresses a problematic emotion, don’t shut them down with toxic platitudes. Instead, let them know that what they are feeling is regular and that you are there to listen. 
  • Notice how you feel. Following “positive” social media accounts can sometimes serve as a source of inspiration but pay attention to how you feel after viewing and interacting with such content. If you are left with a sense of shame or guilt after seeing “uplifting” posts, it might be due to toxic positivity. In such cases, consider limiting your social media consumption.

Permit yourself to feel your feelings. Instead of trying to avoid difficult emotions, permit yourself to handle them. These feelings are real, valid, and meaningful. They can provide information and help you see things about a situation you need to change.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should act on every emotion that you feel. Sometimes it is essential to sit with them and give yourself the time and space to process the situation before you take action. 

So when you are going through something hard, think about ways to give your emotions the voice in a productive way. Write in a journal. Talk to a friend. Research suggests that just putting what you are feeling into words can lower the intensity of those negative feelings.3

Toxic Statements

  • Just stay positive!
  • Good vibes only!
  • It could be worse.
  • Things happen for a reason.
  • Failure isn’t an option.
  • Happiness is a choice.

Non-Toxic Alternatives

  • I’m listening.
  • I’m here, no matter what.
  • That must be hard.
  • Sometimes bad things happen. How can I help?
  • Failure is sometimes part of life.
  • Your feelings are valid.

A Word From VerywellMINDS.COM

“Toxic positivity is often subtle, and we’ve all engaged in this thinking at one point or another. By learning to recognize it, however, you’ll be better able to rid yourself of this type of thinking and provide (and receive) more authentic support when you are going through something that isn’t easy.

Start noticing toxic statements, strive to let yourself and others feel your emotions, both the positive and the negative. “



What Is Toxic Positivity?.

Supplements; Quit Adderall

Supplements; Quit Adderall


When deciding you’ve had enough, quitting Adderall or its equivalent will involve you and everyone around you to show and establish the most helpful thing, a support system, to begin with, is to educate my family and me on withdrawal, Adderall’s chemical compounds, and what this stimulant medication does to my brain and body.

The first thing I learned was my brain has to learn how to produce dopamine and serotonin on its own, and during this process, I will behave upset, on edge, and anxious. I also knew that I had likely destroyed my output for my adrenals, which contributes to sleep/wake processes, so fatigue in the beginning and bouts of insomnia about six days into drying out would be expected.

Last but not least, I had a fear that my metabolism may slow down without Adderall speeding things up, so I wanted to make sure I was on top of my weight management. When I read further into it, Adderall contributes to slower metabolism if used as an adult, long term.

Here are a few of my quick tips and tricks that helped with treatment for SAD disorders or diseases of the mind, such as, inability to create our own happiness. (serotonin, adrenal, and dopamine)

The first few days are easy, for those with no obligations- you will be sleeping excessively. Get the sleep aid (melatonin) because day 5-7 are bits of extreme anxiety and nervousness, followed by, a clear mind.

Sentiments of Anxiety + Depression are going to happen. You need to remember that these feelings are TEMPORARY. You will not be “high” anymore but you will not be that sad, all the time. If you can go 11 days clean you’ve beat the physical addiction, and mental addiction is based on your strength in restraining. Quitting Adderall shouldn’t mean upping your doses of other medicine such as benzos. It means you commit yourself to not dying a painful, young, untiming death.

Are there any drugs on the market to replace Adderall?

No. There are supplements you can take depending on your mood. You should see how you feel around day 11 before considering supplenting primarily Non-FDA approved medications.

If you are most of the way through withdrawal and extra hydration, meditation,cleaning, exercise, and rest didn’t help. It’s possible you may need a little extra help fixing the engines on your serotonin or/and dopamine machines.

Dopamine is associated with pleasurable sensations, along with learning, memory, motor system function, and more. Serotonin. This hormone (and neurotransmitter) helps regulate your mood as well as your sleep, appetite, digestion, learning ability, and memory. “Sep 30, 2019
Amino acid Mucuna pruriens boosts dopamine levels in humans, particularly those with Parkinson’s disease, a nervous system disorder that affects movement and is caused by a dopamine deficiency

Some studies have found that supplementing with Ginkgo biloba in the long term increased dopamine levels in rats, which helped improve cognitive function, memory and motivation (healthline)

Ginkgo biloba extract appeared to boost dopamine secretion by decreasing oxidative stress.

Curcumin is the active element of turmeric. Curcumin comes in capsule, tea, extract, and powdered forms.

Oregano oil supplements increase levels of dopamine and produce antidepressant effects in mice. Human-based studies is lacking research.

Magnesium and its antidepressant qualities provided that magnesium deficiency contributes to decreased dopamine levels and increased risk of depression.

Vitamin D has numerous functions in your body, involving the regulation of specific neurotransmitters like dopamine.

Green Tea has long been touted for its antioxidant properties and nutrient contents also contain the amino acid L-theanine, which directly affects your brain.has many roles in your body, including the regulation of certain neurotransmitters like dopamin

L-theanine increases dopamine production, similar to antidepressants, and L-Theanine has an enhancing cognitive boost in it.

Fish Oil helps with dopamine regulation when taken daily.

Caffeine (for some)increases brain function by boosting dopamine receptor levels in the brain.

Ginseng root can be eaten raw or steamed, but it’s also available in other forms, such as tea, capsules or pills. It enhances brain function, mood, behavior and enhances memory.

Berberine increases dopamine levels and helps to fight depression and anxiety disorder.

Dopamine is essential for brain health, and the health of your body and mind. Dopamine affects many brain-related processes, such as attitude, vitality, and memory.

Normally, the body regulates dopamine levels on its own, but medical conditions, diet,and lifestyle choices can increase or decreass your dopamine levels.

Along with eating a balanced diet, many possible supplements may help encourage the release of dopamine, including probiotics, fish oil, vitamin D, magnesium, ginkgo and ginseng.

This, in turn, will enhance the brain process and mental vigor.

All of the supplements have a sound safety profile when used correctly. However, some supplements may interfere with specific prescription or over-the-counter medications. Be sure to check for interactions with meds.

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Why Does My Cat Bite Me? Bad Cat Behaviors.

Why Does My Cat Bite Me? Bad Cat Behaviors.

forwarded to

“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.”

-Ernest Hemingway
Kitten playing and biting a hand
Manuel Breva Colmeiro / Getty Images

It wasn’t until I had my cat for over 8 years that he first started biting me. At first, I thought it was playful but to my astonishment the more I ignored it, the more he continued. Working as a Veterinary Staff Member I felt it my duty to understand why my cat would just randomly start being a jerk after 8 years. To my findings among tons of journals and articles about cats dating back to 350 B.C. when the first cat was mentioned in old English literature, I realized that not only was it bad that I didn’t recognize why my cat was biting me…it was bad that I really didn’t recognize my cats behaviors at all. Like everyone else, they were “just cats”. To understand a cat is truly a divine aspect. So if you want to learn some interesting things about your little lions keep reading.

Non-veterinarians in the Veterinary Industry or Animal Science Field such as myself, who study canine and feline behavior, often go by animal behaviorists and offer counseling on behavior problems of pets. Some have a doctoral or master’s degree in psychology or a related field, and some have a certification. Because many behavior problems in cats can be influenced by medical conditions, always go to a veterinarian first, before assuming your cat is just misbehaving are the professionals who can offer the most comprehensive care.

Cat biting otherwise known as Status-related aggression is scratching or biting by cats at humans that try to control the cat’s behavior. Another name for what this is it has been called the “leave-me-alone bite.” Cat behavior is not like dog behavior, so unlike similar situations in canines this behavior in cats is not associated with resources such as food, toys, or space. It’s most likely due to lack of attention, wanting control or trying to tell you off.

There are plenty of other “bad cat behaviors” which may just be “natural cat instincts” that might not be favorable to us humans. Cats do things we don’t care for, such as jumping on the table,counters,stoves,window seals, and fridges. Infamous for scratching furniture, or attacking our feet like prey when we walk by or sometimes at 3:20am – the hour of the cat. Before getting angry, the only thing we need to learn before we try to “correct” these behaviors is that they are derived by natural feline instincts, thus, once stimulated or excited the cat by nature is not always “in control” of it’s behavior. Often times a Veterinarian will give a cat a “cool-off” period while trimming nails, or giving vaccines- as like humans. Once they’re pissed off, they’re pissed off. Next time you enter your home, try greeting your cat as you would your roommate. They much prefer that then baby-talk and aggressive head pats.

Marking items, walls, and other belongings outside of the litter box is called Spraying. This is the elimination of urine through a small stream of potent ammonia smelling urine. It is done standing up, with the tail raised and quivering (watch for this sign, it’s never good). The urine is directed onto a flat or straight surface, such as a wall, curtain, or inside of a suitcase, laundry basket etc. Spraying or urine marking is more common in intact male cats, and neutering will help to reduce and possibly eliminate future spraying behaviors. Cats may spray as a form of marking his or her territory, letting one know they do not appreciate their presence or simply as a sign of anxiety. Most commonly after a baby is born, a new friend moves in, or you move homes.

Cats can’t help getting stimulated and like any creature need to exercise. If your cat is indoor only they definitely need some stimulating toys. Believe me when I say you will hear them playing with their simple but intricate looking toys at 3:20am. Quite often, if your cat is misbehaving due to new changes in his or her life your cat may have to learn to live with the trigger and anxiety. Call your Veterinarian, at least get recommendations and try calming cat products such as feliway pheromones, supplements, medications, and special diets (Veterinary Prescribed). You can also give your cat other things to focus its energy on, like exercise-inducing toys. Little mice, springs, feathers and cat tunnels. Keep your cat entertained, and he’ll make sure to not make your life hell.

There are many other behaviors that I couldn’t cover in one blog if I tried such as eating grass, messing with our feet, chirping, bashing tails etc. but for now the best thing you can do for your biting friend, is read up about him. Get to understand your feline friend on a different level. Establish a better relationship. A list of credible resources below for the good cat owner.


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Cats can’t help getting stimulated and like any creature need to exercise. If your cat is indoor only they definitely need some stimulating toys. Believe me when I say you will hear them playing with their simple but intricate looking toys at 3:20am. Quite often, if your cat is misbehaving due to new changes in his or her life your cat may have to learn to live with the trigger and anxiety. Call your Veterinarian, at least get recommendations and try calming cat products such as feliway pheromones, supplements, medications, and special diets (Veterinary Prescribed). You can also give your cat other things to focus its energy on, like exercise-inducing toys. Little mice, springs, feathers and cat tunnels. Keep your cat entertained, and he’ll make sure to not make your life hell.