Selling Digital Artwork

Selling Digital Artwork

Graphic Designs

A graphic design is a one-of-a-kind drawing or photograph that has been digitalized and manipulated with computer software to look a certain way. I make a point of never making the same two images/posters. You can use graphic design for anything. They can be stock photos, curated content for you (email for more info), logos, infographics, interest posts, t-shirt mockups, Instagram posts, Facebook images, Facebook banners. Once purchased, I hand all rights to that image to the prospective buyer, and the ability to watermark your photo and a .zip file with multiple formats. This now becomes YOUR property. (works for NFT as well)

Gold Capricious – sold

Also, one-of-a-kind logos for you. That fits your style.



Graffiti Emily


Daylight Pool



Happy New Year 2020 card with colorful gradient brushstroke design. Vector background.

People, Places, Pets; I do it all. I capture the moments that slip away.





Did You Know?

The first speeding ticket was issued in the UK. In 1896 a person was caught driving 8 miles per hour in a zone where the maximum limit was 2mph.

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Very Basics;Thrifting 101

Very Basics;Thrifting 101


Thursday September 24, 2020

Designer Clothes, Electronics, Furniture and More.

First Hint- NEVER buy clothes that aren’t from a thrift store.

You need a plan, a budget, and a target audience to sell to. You’ll also need a platform to sell on. For me, Amazon Seller, Decluttr, ABEBOOKS, Offerup, Letgo, and Ebay works best because of the type of inventory I’m selling, but many people find great success selling on Poshmark, Mercari, Etsy, etc.

“Salvation Army Stores are my absolute favorite. They are typically huge stores, the prices are great and every Wednesday they offer 50% off everything (except for the color of the week). I leave with 40 plus items for under $100.” – anonymous thrifter

Good Will Stores also have sales of select color tags. However, I heard through the grapevine they remove most of that color from the floor so they can sell the full price items. Try going Sundays while there are still some good half-price items on the floor. Mondays are also typically goo because the racks haven’t been picked over yet and you can still find some half off gems.

Savers and unique or second hand stores for profit are also a good bet.  Strategic product placement is more observed when items are being sold for a profit.  However, with tons of inventory everyday there’s no guarantee they have antique or vintage appraisers working there. It’s up to you to research. 

First and foremost go to the thrift store with a plan or an idea of what you are searching for.  Helpful tips;

  1. pay cash- that way you cannot spend more then that amount.
  2. Don’t grab stuff you don’t need, or won’t sell immediately. The idea is to sell in categories and quantities as well as quality items.

Look for these high end designers and brands:

Calvin Klein, Anne Taylor, Hersey Johnson, Crew, Madewell, Anthropologie. These bring me the most profit. Stores like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters sell many different brands – Maeve, Deletta, Florete, Moth, Moulinette Soeurs and Sunday in Brooklyn. It’s good to familiarize yourself with these brands. Here are the links to the full list of Anthropologie Brands and Urban Outfitter Brands. Limited editions and signed.

Artists: Ben Nicholson, Ilya Bolotowsky, Giovanni Battista Torriglia, Alexander Calder, and even Pablo Picasso.

be successful at flipping vintage, designer, and collectible items are you find thrifting you don’t have to dig too deep.  You can turn a .50 cent Mason jar into a $12.99 Amazon prime item in minutes. This chapter is for the few who want to research and find that gold ticket item.

That gold ticket item is that one item that escaped everyone prior to you (probably anyone) Thrift stores are great for this, people toss their grandparents old ”junk” or raid their attics after years and years of storage and it’s up to you to figure out where the gold mine is.

Items that sell:

Frames, designer clothes, items with tags, engraved or vintage mugs, books first edition rare in good condition, vintage electronics like record players, PS4 Xbox and Atari Nintendo vintage games, vintage albums

Look for these designers or brands:

Lancome, Ralph Lauren, Nike, Under Armour, Clinique, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Balenziaga, Dior Homme, Prada, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, Stella McCartney, DKNY, The Northface, Activwear, Colombia (for more click the link below)

Mediums and Paintings : 

Hand-painted works on canvases are always-cherished.  A mid century or prehistoric illustrations are particularly rare. Watercolor, acrylic, Tempera, and distemper paints on metal, copper enamel, or engraved craftsmanship are your golden tickets. Anything dated in the 30s,50s,80’s and older are where the big bucks are.

Why distemper is of value: it’s washable- gives rise to the paintings, one of the of a means of it’s purpose. 

Utilized in historical patterns as whitewashed made


  • Scan the ISBN code to find competitor prices (App Store)
  • First edition/First Print 
  • Signed 
  • Classics (especially children’s books)

You can learn to read the publication page on the first page of every book.  The books that are rare, signed, and/or first editions first prints can be worth a fortune.


Amazon Prime Top 10 Sloth Products; Top Sloth Gifts

My sister recently had a baby boy, and it’s the first in our family between the two of us. I noticed that I was starting to see an abundance of sloth toys and books and… well, everything! Around the house. Charlie, my nephew, is now gone, and his best friend is his toy sloth. I had to make sure to spread the good word for my little dude.

I used a price grabber to capture today’s BEST sloth toys. Oh, and I meant for adults- not just children. I’m pretty sure it’s the adult who gets joy from it and their soft plush toys for babies. For all sizes!


Number Ten: fitted adult unisex onesie pajamas. Comfort + Sloth = Slumber of happiness.


Number Nine: sloth necklace sterling silver “slow down be happy” Slider Sloths Pendant Jewelry gifts for her


Number Eight: Chala Crossbody Cell Phone Purse – Woman’s canvas multicolor handbag with adjustable straps


Number Seven; Party City Soft Cuddly Halloween Costume For Babies, hooded onsies, tan

$30.98-$40.33 – must have for babies

Number Six: Mini Backpack, Loomiloo small backpack for women: shoulder bag for young girls sloth backpack

Was $25.99 now $19.99

Number five: King Of Sloths With Crown, Robes, Armor, and scepter illustration Beautifully up-cycled Dictionary page book art photograph

$9.99 (Only Seven Left)

Number Four: Douglas Baby Pink Sloth Snuggler Plush Stuff Animal —excellent baby shower gift.

$18.95 with a life time impression

Number Three: Vavalad Sloth Wearable Oversized Blanket and Sweater. Cute and good for gifting one size fits all- unisex


Number Two: Sloth Stationary! Perfect gift or personal. Sloth planner and notes


Number One: Official Snax The Sloth 2021 version, talking plush, snuggly, talks back for boys and girls moving eyes and mouth.


That being said. Gifts don’t have to break your bank this holiday season if you are creative and aware of the plush sloth epidemic. Thoughtful gifts are always worth more than expensive gifts that you have no idea who will like.

Who doesn’t like sloths ?!?!?!?

Go get your sloth shop on. Faster….



These days we are becoming more self-aware. That being said we’re all (I hope) trying to find new and healthier ways of consuming the goods we need to feel great during the day. For you coffee drinkers, you may not like what im about to say but….

Tea can be made from many different plants. Once the tea is heated it’s activated and can release calming, focused, and love-like euphoria effects depending on the flavors and the herbs you get. Like most herbs, the medical properties can be marvelous.

Teas for clarity; teas for relaxation; teas for immunity, I would get them all.