Category: Terrible Twenties

  • The First Presidential Debate Summed Up; Stupidity

    (Vice President telling President Trump that his son is not a loser.) Missed the debate? No biggie. 95% of it was the two candidates talking over each other. The other 5% was pure entertainment and covered nearly no issues. First question was discussing the mail in votes. Joe Biden for the mail in votes speaks […]

  • The Feline Whisperer

    A cat whisper is somewhat similar to a dog or horse whisperer, although cat whisperers relate rather well with felines. These types of individuals … The Feline Whisperer A special thanks to the feline whisperer for spreading the good word. Everyone! Drop what you’re doing. Google cat behavior. Now!



    Mindfulness, Tact, Patience & Grace *Proactive or Reactive Inspire.            *Stimulus and Response  Always be mindful of your responses to stimulus. Focus on finding solutions instead of blaming others  7 Habits of Highly Effective People “Begin with the end in mind” “Every action is performed twice once in your mind and the […]

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