The Ultimate Guide to AI Art Generation and How These Tools are Disrupting the Industry

The Ultimate Guide to AI Art Generation and How These Tools are Disrupting the Industry

The Ultimate Guide to AI Art Generation and How These Tools are Disrupting the Industry

The Ultimate Guide to AI Art Generation and How These Tools are Disrupting the Industry

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Take at your Discretion; Mental Age Test (15 questions)

A scientifically based test to judge your cognitive age. Don’t worry it’s only fifteen quick questions.

“Age is just a number”, we coined that term but what does it mean? I always thought it was a way for older people to justify being with younger people.

When using the phrase in an appropriate form, it mostly is just a number. The couple are not chronologically the same age but mental energy and maturity are on the same frequency. We all learn different things and have different lives.

Chronological age is simply the number of years you’ve existed on this planet. In some countries, it’s the day you are an embryo and in others, it’s after labor. Nonetheless, it’s still the same digit. It’s summed up by subtracting the current year from the year that you were born.

A persons cognitive age can signify your level of maturity and intellectual behaviors and knowledge. The concept of mental age was first introduced by Alfred Binet who developed the first mental age test in 1905. Binet’s theory laid the foundation for the intelligence quotient (IQ) tests that are widely used today.

It’s not unusual for somebody to have a different cognitive age versus their chronological age. It was initially thought that the average mental age of adults was sixteen!— but was later found to be about thirteen and a half years old.

Here’s an example; a person who’s forty years old may have a cognitive age of fewer than that of a thirty year old. Reversely, someone who’s thirty may have a mental age of sixty years old.

We’re all unique. Maybe now you’re a 25-year-old who likes to go to bed at 8:00 pm and rise with the dawn. It doesn’t mean you won’t ever change up your style. Or a 56-year-old who likes the nightlife, partying until dawn and sleeping until noon. It’s not to say people can’t learn. We can all learn. We can make ourselves younger and older whenever we please.

No matter your age — chronological or mental — embrace it, manipulate it, experience it, and love who you are.

Now a few Q&A and the link to the the quiz we’ve all been waiting for. Thank you Gina Ryder January 2022 article

Who is this quiz for?

Anyone, this quiz is a time-saving questionnaire designed for anyone looking to find out their cognitive age. This will help you determine whether you may have a more young attitude towards life or a more grown-up one.

Is it accurate?:

Is it accurate?

This online screening is not a diagnosis or an official evaluation of your cognitive age.

It’s a fun tool to help you discover whether or not your mental age is the same as your documented age.

Your score doesn’t necessarily reflect your mood, intelligence, or behavior.

Maintaining a younger cognitive age doesn’t mean that you’re childish or immature. Likewise, if you have an old mental age, it doesn’t mean that you’re too uptight or aged.

In general, most people young adults- mature adults will have a a score of fewer than thirty years old. If you’re concerned or have questions, consider talking more tests or speaking to your doctor.

Click link below

Psych News Mental Age Test


Two ways to change the outcome of hip dysplasia; All dogs are prone to CHD

A short article about hip dysplasia. Most dogs are prone to get hip dysplasia, especially puppies. Like most things, we don’t compare diet to breed age and size. Two proven ways to push back hip on set of hip dysplasia

A few years back, while my niece and her family were visiting, I decided to take my niece and nephew out for some ice cream.

As the two children were getting into it in the back seat… Valerie who was five, shouted, “I call the left side!”

Nicky, who was just four, wasn’t having it.

“No, I want the left side!”, he shouted back.

“Hey, I want the left side!”

“No, I want the left side!”

I could see where this was going.

So I said, “Hey guys. Since Valerie has asked first, let’s let her have the left side. Ok?”

“Thanks, Aunty Em!” said Valerie, “Which side is left?”

Little kids love to argue. Even when they don’t have a clue about the subject they’re arguing over. The comparison continues on to pets as well.

And so it goes with some dog parents, too.

I see this all the time. 

Especially whenever they really debate the causes of a crippling and permanent form of joint disease wildly known among pet owners and Veterinarians as canine hip dysplasia (CHD).


Many well-meaning dog parents mistakenly believe CHD is caused by too much protein in a dog’s diet.

Which is not true.

Dog Advisory

In fact…

There are 3 proven causes of hip dysplasia in dogs.

And the number one factor (by far) is your dog’s genetics.

Certainly, there’s nothing you can do about that. You can’t change your dog’s genes. You know?

I’ll share 2 things you CAN DO right now to address the other 2 causes of CHD and significantly lower your dog’s risk.

Which breeds are the ones most likely to develop hip dysplasia?

According to data collected by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, hip dysplasia can affect just about ANY breed.

But it’s WAY more common in larger breeds. Especially PUPPIES.

Many larger breeds can still be considered puppies at two years old. So it’s important to follow the feeding tips below until you’re sure your dog has reached adulthood.

There are two things you CAN DO to help lower your dog’s risk of developing this painful condition.


Don’t overfeed your puppy. Too many calories in the diet of a growing large breed puppy has been shown to substantially increase the risk of hip disease.


Be sure to feed a food that contains a safe amount of calcium.

Dog Advisory

That’s because too much calcium in the diet of a large breed puppy can cause a crippling and permanent form of hip dysplasia.

To get the proper information about the best foods and recalls on dog food check out Dog Advisory

Chief Editor of Dog Food Advisor

Monkeypox outbreak: What you need to know

Monkeypox outbreak: What you need to know

Monkeypox is a highly contagious, severe viral disease that can cause fever and muscle aches in humans. It is spread by contact with the feces of infected monkeys.
image src: Google Img Medidina

It is difficult for humans to catch this virus because it does not spread through the air, so it is mostly found in countries where monkeys are present. The virus has been known to affect over 30 countries worldwide and has resulted in the deaths of several people. The monkeypox virus was first identified in 1958 by a Belgian veterinarian who was working with monkeys in Africa. Monkeypox is a rare disease in the United States, only affecting an estimated 1 to 2 people per year. This makes it difficult for scientists to study and develop vaccines for this virus. 

 There are two types of monkeypox viruses: Type 1 is the more generic form and has been seen in three countries – Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda. Type 2 has only been seen twice in Africa. The symptoms of the virus include fever, blisters on the skin, headache, muscle pain, body aches— and a rash. The fatality rate of monkeypox is about 20% 

Monkeypox is a rare but serious infectious disease found in monkeys. It is caused by the monkeypox virus, which is a member of the genus Orthopoxviral. 

A recent outbreak of monkeypox in the Democratic Republic of Congo has emerged to be particularly severe, with death rates close to 4,000 infected 

Monkeypox is an orthopoxviral, which means it can affect both monkeys and humans. Most human cases are asymptomatic or mild, but some may be fatal. Monkeypox causes fever and rash on the skin and mucous membranes. Symptoms usually occur between 10-14 days after exposure to the virus.

more information to come.

Article Keynotes & Takeaway 

Monkeypox is a highly contagious disease that is caused by the monkeypox virus and affects mostly primates, including humans. The virus is transmitted through close contact with an infected animal or person. 

Monkeypox information: 

– Symptoms include fever, headache, muscle aches, joint pain, and a rash. 

– Initial symptoms appear 2 to 4 weeks after exposure to the virus. 

– There are no vaccines for monkeypox. – There is no cure for monkeypox, but treatment can help manage the symptoms of the illness. 


Top 10 reasons rescuing a dog is a horrible thing to do

If you are looking to adopt or consider try the best pet rescue for you. I am not affiliate marketing I just know is reliable. It’s worth a shot to see all the pups and kits nearby. Consider fostering!

Oh I’m sorry is my house light and free rent bothering you? Get up it’s 4pm!

Top 10 Reasons; never adopt!

Reasons NOT to adopt a shelter pet for animal rescue week.

  1. They start by making you come home regularly to let them “potty.” Who wants to be responsible?
  2. You legit have to pet them, or they sigh at you because they love you so much and you’re their world
  3. Sometimes they’ll do things like throwing a toy at your cellphone just to get noticed.
  4. THEY MAKE YOU EXERCISE. You genuinely feel like a POS if you don’t take your pet out multiple times a day to smell the grass and other animals’ butts.
  5. After all that, they make you liable. You can’t live on the edge when you have children.
  6. First, they want the end of your bed, and by the time they’ve gotten what they want, they already have started to take up the whole bed
  7. When you read the news and your blood pressure starts rising, and fear takes over, you want to play fetch. Right there. Right then.
  8. You have to say goodbye at some point, and it’s a hard pill to swallow, but the lessons learned are beyond necessary they’re fundamental values.
  9. They make you freak out, thinking they ate something off your floor.
  10. They put up with you. Even when you can’t face yourself anymore. They keep you on a good track. They can replace bad habits. Resilient. They know it, they “apologize” when you get mad and it’s not even at them. Did I mention they never love you less? They fully dedicate their lives to you. Clingy.
Sometimes your cat face times your friends dogs.

Animals have personalities. Some don’t believe this, but they do. Cats and dogs are constantly speaking to you. For mental health awareness and pet adoption and rescue month, let’s talk about all the rescue dogs who’ve saved my life. Those dogs and cats I’ve rehomed to better homes or fostered or taken on cause someone couldn’t have been the spark in my life, and they give me a purpose. Protect them and help them as they have me. Cause in your darkest hour, you will find yourself alone, lifehack: you’re never lonely when you have a dog.

Come on, and I don’t just like dogs cause they’re cute. I need a dog because they’re your partners.

Did I mention they fall asleep on you sometimes and then you can’t get up and you have to calm down, cuddle, and go back to bed.

Picture proof that rescue dogs are awful! Just the worst.

Get up? Not today! Dog is too cute to wake up. Morning breath is real though.

The “attention seeker”

05.06.2022 pet of the day- dale The French bulldog. Found on
Okay I guess I’m gonna have to snuggle you oddly or just sit elsewhere? Too cute to move you.
Okay how did we get from being allowed on the foot of my bed to sharing the bed to full bed takeover. But still too cute to wake up! Wtf
Yeah you’re gonna need an iPhone. When they’re too cute to move all you can do is take really good pictures of their cute faces.
The two species pretend they aren’t a team. But than they are both too cute too move. Sleeping in the middle like a cuddle sandwich.
If you have a dog with guard like personality traits they’ll stare at nothing all day long just to protect you. If they don’t move they just grow from the grass🤷
They love car rides. Not statistically speaking cops don’t wanna fck with the dog😛
Better like doing laundry. That fur does not remove itself
Seriously can’t get up today, dogs on me. Work will understand.

Besides forcing your bad habits into good ones and testing / teaching your core values, many dogs and cats are euthanized every day. Idiots.

They are however much work you invest in them. Some dogs are very personable, and others (pitty) are big giant babies. They’re unique. Mutts are the best.

Every day this month, I will post a story about a dog I’ve fostered or an animal-related / veterinary-related blog. Shoot me a pic of your furball!

No time like the present to save a pet.

This blog is a satire- yes, yes, you should always adopt, and yes, you need an animal.

Not sure if a pet is suitable for you? Ask your closest friends and family. If they say you should get a dog, you’re likely annoying them with your loneliness.

Lastly, you are to continue to adopt even when your best friend has passed because a dog’s love teaches you unconditional love and forgiveness; that is what you do. You commit to loving something for 10-14 years. It’s not so bad.