Empathic Emily; Alternative View On War

Empathic Emily; Alternative View On War

The Taco Talks; Alternative View- Ditch War. It Kills.

“War is fighting to die.”

I thought on that one for a minute…

Why would anyone need to kill someone else furthermore get a star for it? Such shit would fuck me up(too)

Honestly, imagine It’s like, “here’s your badge of honor, sorry we made you kill a man who in a different country is someone to people as well as you are. Is it that far off from watching the second hunger games? Some of them weren’t even born when 9/11 happened. Is it OUR fault for trusting the government blindly? 

Yes, 100% yes. If you had thought about it as the 20-year-old kid about to go to Iraq or Afghanistan because he dropped out of college and had no career options left, you might not really want to go murder someone.

Now, imagine being a mother or father to a sweet one-year-old. Now fast forward eighteen years, and “the military,” which was just an option, has become a mandatory round of Call of Duty for your child, your baby. Is this your fault? Yes. It bothers me that you didn’t think about what would happen if things didn’t work out. Guess what? It turns out that literally, NOTHING we ever knew was right, but we still make kids murder kids and then report it all over media. Like, start a fund- go to Haiti, stop posting about shit you don’t even know about, and get the fuck off your phone. 

Now, imagine being the Taliban family or isis-k, and you’re 20 years old. You literally have never had a choice. You might have had great friends at school before military camp, but really, you weren’t even given a fair chance to experience life before some dumb American comes and blows your head off. 

American Soldiers Prepare To Leave After 20 Years


Adios Kabul…

Like really? REALLY

And everyone’s like, “yeah. it makes sense. Let’s vote for Kanye next.” also! Defund the police and make guns available to babies. I love the NRA (Not Right Americans). 

So there is your daily dose of empathy. When you think about war, no matter the cause of the war, there really should NEVER be a feel-good to MURDERING someone. Way to go, traumatize yourself and your kids. Put the guns away and pick up a fucking book.

P.S if you wouldn’t jump off a cliff when johnny did, why would you murder another human because some old man told you it was right? 

The point of this article is to explain an alternative perspective to war in general. It doesn’t matter which country is fighting, what war is what started it or what wants revenge. It’s about the fact that we treat our lives SO seriously that we end up killing each other. Meanwhile, half of the world is on fire, and the other half is underwater. We are basically stardust, a bunch of gross rock minerals, and water, so yeah- we shouldn’t just feel “safe” when the weather acts like this. 

For those who genuinely have “transcended” or got woke- whatever, you know what you know, and all you can do is explain it. Good luck, might as well just watch the news and shut your mouth–you will never win an argument about politics unless it’s getting graded. 

Most people don’t understand the psychological trauma and damage that being in or evening witnessing or knowing someone in a war is like. I don’t know what it’s like. I don’t have a kid. I have a nephew, and he doesn’t believe in guns, “It was not for him,” smart kid. 



If you’ve ever lost anyone, you know what every mother country, culture, and father is thinking in every part of the world. The same thing you are, “What the fuck.” 

NO DISRESPECT TO THE ARMY, NAVY, MILITARY, ETC. I have MAD respect for soldiers because they choose to put themselves in front of the bullet to get up and Instagram our food all day. I appreciate that they are so utterly noble to their country that they WOULD put their lives on hold and go to war, so we don’t all have to. 

I don’t know any of you, I don’t know the president, and I sure as shit am not going to go to war ever, even if I’m drafted. You’d have to kill me standing there. I also refuse to go to jail, so good luck carrying my fatass to prison when I don’t go murder some other person my age. Busy, thanks, though. 

The scary thing about all of this and these empathy posts is that I truly believe Americans are the kindest people ever as a nation. Honestly, a lot nicer than most of my Canadian friends and fam. The problem is not enough Americans have been taught to think for themselves and do the things in life that we learned in school, but for PLEASURE, not for a passing grade. 

If knowledge is power, and nobody is actually fact-checking things or hearing both sides of the story, they contribute to a nation of morons glued to the blue light screen on their blood money iPhones. That’s a post for another day. It’s called Empathize with a child who makes your cocaine or gets killed.

This post was entirely factual for me; it’s my blog and my position. If you don’t like me, shoot me. 

Just kidding. I’m proud of you for 


The Taco (crabby) 

This Video Is Nine Years Old– WHY DID WE KEEP ON KEEPING ON!?

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