One man rules your life.

One man rules your life.

One Man A Huge Divide

It’s weird how our lives are entirely ready to rewrite every four years to eight years. It’s funny to think that that we bank on ONE MAN who gets paid $400,000 a year to decide if we can have abortions, if we can smoke weed if we’re in debt, when and what we need to bear in taxes, taxes, debt, death, and war, minimum wage, what and if we pay for healthcare and or if we pay for higher education.

Maybe that’s the problem with America. The political system is too systematic and lacks complete common sense. I don’t know, it’s a free country, but when that one person controls every single aspect of my life, itwithstands more like, if you can get out, you’re fortunate.

I’m delighted that because the next eight years are taking off to be incredible. I published the recent Rescue Plan promised by Joe Biden below this article for his assistance to America under his presidency, but then I think. I should intend to vacate America within the next 4-8 years because I don’t count on any American diplomat anymore. I didn’t ever, once I moved to America and saw how it is here. It’s a myth.

No one reads or accomplishes ANYTHING good for themselves unless they are forced to in America. In Canada, vitality and aged generations are praised. Our crossing guards are given a gift at Christmas time, not cuss words; No one pays attention to ANYTHING going on around them and require assistance for everything. It’s beyond lazy; it’s sloth.

What’s the most unfortunate aspect about living in America is I never get to talk to strangers and smiling is good for you. Even with friends, we all disagree, complain, oppose, and argue with one another about absolutely everything when every single one of us has access to google search very close by. We simply have to say “Hey Siri,” “ok google,” “Alexa,” or “Hi Cortona.” to get explanations to any problems with on planet, yet we don’t want to take the two seconds to ask our phones the answer to whatever it is we are disputing about. We’re so rude when we’re out to eat with one another we have our phones out anyway.

We are willing to spend our time proving one another wrong, and we lack chatting capabilities entirely.

Humans need humans to be supportive and appreciative, but Americans are and live mean. Mean to one another as if we have somehow hurt the feelings of the other person’s mommy. In love with the one man who tells you what and who you can be.

Do you know how difficult it is for me as a Canadian to try and chat or communicate with somebody in America? It stinks that people merely message each other if they want something. I feel like I’m exiled and disturbing for wanting a bit more out of my texts and messages while simultaneously being scorned for never answering, but it’s not an extension of me. Also, I can use big words.

My parents lived and raised my sister and I to call our friends and family. Someone in my family was always talking to a neighbor or on the phone. People would phone simply to say, hey, what’s up. Neighbors resided and lived harmoniously or as friends. Loud compatriots. We all have swimming pools and know how to swim. Great fun in the summertime. It’s hard to bitch if you’re underwater.

Isn’t it common sense that if we nourish our brain solely on negative talk, pessimistic attitudes, tv, and garbage news, we can become gloomy? It’s pretty awful. You turn the tv on only to stare at the train wreck that’s outside your door.

Our government structure is just nonsensical for who we are presently and how we live now; we live in a modern world with technology, not 1901 but instead in 2021. Does bringing into the world two different political parties under one country make sense? It hasn’t been achieving any good since the late ’90s. The democrats and the republicans are similar to North and South Korea these days. It’s scary that everyone perhaps deep down, believes politics are foolish, but no one ever says that because people just don’t know how to have discussions.

If American policy dictates that one man runs my entire life and keeps me here (because I’m too underpaid and uneducated to leave), he should be the one who implements a new grade school subject: discussion and dialogue.

Someone once asked me if Canada has black people. I laughed and just said, “Yeah, sure, there are Canadians that are black.” For you guys that don’t get it, it’s that Canadians have different ways of describing things. Instead, they tell things without a labeling word or statement—explanation without insult.

Americans have this need to interpret and label every single thing that does not matter at all. Every single thing has to be done by some rule, or it has to be classified. Americans don’t talk to one another like they are in the same country. They talk to each other like they have to protect something. Like we might be rabid, so we’d better assume doom.

One man. How does one man change the entire way of life? Canadians, I can speak for, and it just makes sense for us as human beings to smile at one another on the street. I mean, we’re both on the same planet;

In Canada, staring is rude. Interrupting someone is rude. Not being “present” at the dinner table is rude. Not saying please and thank you is a punishable offense and the kids Pointing fingers are infamously known for having garbage parents. We understand what is and is not appropriate.

Canada also does not have Middle school in its school system goes Pre-school, Jr., kindergarten, and kindergarten- grade 8. Then a transition to high school it’s called grade 9, grade 10, grade 11, and grade 12.

There is something to be said about a country that almost tortures its citizens with things middle school. Place us in a different school for the worst three years of a person’s life or childhood? Why freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior? It’s just a level of hierarchy automatically when you appoint a grade “senior.”

One man. That one man has decided how you get treated, where you work, what education you’re granted based on your parent’s wage, what your parent’s salary exists if your parents had the opportunity to go to college or university. One man, for some, has sadly decided our fates by giving rise to foolish announcements or meddling in business affairs that he has no business meddling in.

I get the Constitution is a sacred piece of literature, but so is the original bible. Things need to get updated from time to time.

One man for the existence of America to this day has turned a nation of various colors and cultures and extraordinary qualities and interests into a place of judgment and a business where we hate one another. We hate ourselves but have too much pride or too much fear to just talk to one another. Person to person. We act so independently that we forget other people have their own independent identities too.

No matter how attached well get to Biden; just remember that it’s ONLY for four or eight years. After that, four to eight years, someone else could come in and turn your entire life upside down. Were continually changing as time goes on. Eight years is closer than you think.

Where were you eight years ago today? I bet if you checked you wouldn’t even feel like whatever it was, was that long ago.


CNN)Bigger stimulus checks. More aid for the unemployed, the hungry and those facing eviction. Additional support for small businesses, states and local governments. Increased funding for vaccinations and testing.

These are key parts of a $1.9 trillion proposal that President-elect Joe Biden unveiled Thursday evening.

Billed as the American Rescue Plan, the package augments many of the measures in Congress’ historic $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill from March and in the $900 billion legislation from December, which was scaled back to garner support from Senate Republicans.

Now that Democrats control both chambers and the White House, Biden is pushing for the big steps he says are needed to address immediate needs and control the coronavirus pandemic. He also plans to lay out an economic recovery plan in coming weeks that aims to create jobs and combat the climate crisis, among other measures.

Here’s what’s in the American Rescue Plan:

Beefed-up stimulus payments

The plan calls for sending another $1,400 per person to eligible recipients. This money would be in addition to the $600 payments that were approved by Congress in December and sent out earlier this month — for a total of $2,000. 

The new payments would go to adult dependents that were left out of the earlier rounds, like some children over the age of 17. It would also include households with mixed immigration status, after the first round of $1,200 checks left out the spouses of undocumented immigrants who do not have Social Security Numbers. 

Enhanced unemployment aid

Biden would increase the federal boost the jobless receive to $400 a week, from the $300 weekly enhancement contained in Congress’ relief package from December. 

He would also extend the payments, along with two key pandemic unemployment programs, through September. This applies to those in the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation program who have exhausted their regular state jobless payments and in the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program, which provides benefits to the self-employed, independent contractors, gig workers and certain people affected by the pandemic.

Lawmakers only provided an additional 11 weeks of support in the December package, which will last until March.

Rental assistance and eviction moratorium

The plan would provide $25 billion in rental assistance for low- and moderate-income households who have lost jobs during the pandemic. That’s in addition to the $25 billion lawmakers provided in December. 

Another $5 billion would be set aside to help struggling renters to pay their utility bills. Biden is also calling for $5 billion to help states and localities assist those at risk of experiencing homelessness. 

The plan would extend the federal eviction moratorium, set to expire at the end of January, to September 30, as well as allow people with federally-guaranteed mortgages to apply for forbearance until September 30. 

Help for the hungry

Biden would extend the 15% increase in food stamp benefits through September, instead of having it expire in June. He would invest another $3 billion to help women, infants and children secure food, and give US territories $1 billion in nutrition assistance. And he would partner with restaurants to provide food to needy Americans and jobs to laid-off restaurant workers.

More money for child care and child tax credits

The plan calls on Congress to create a $25 billion emergency fund and add $15 billion to an existing grant program to help child care providers, including family child care homes, to pay for rent, utilities, and payroll, and increased costs associated with the pandemic like personal protective equipment.

It also proposes expanding the child care tax credit for one year so that families will get back as much as half of their spending on child care for children under age 13.

A temporarily increase of tax credits

Biden wants to boost the Child Tax Credit to $3,600 for children under age 6 and $3,000 for those between ages 6 and 17 for a year. The credit would also be made fully refundable.

And he proposes to raise the maximum Earned Income Tax Credit for a year to close to $1,500 for childless adults, increase the income limit for the credit to about $21,000 and expand the age range of eligibility to cover older workers.

Both of these are aimed at supporting low-income families, including millions of essential workers.

Subsidies for health insurance premiums

Biden is also calling on Congress to subsidize through September the premiums of those who lost their work-based health insurance. 

He wants to increase and expand the Affordable Care Act’s premium subsidies so that enrollees don’t have to pay more than 8.5% of their income for coverage — which is also one of his campaign promises. (The law is facing a challenge from Republican-led states that is currently before the Supreme Court.)

Also, he wants Congress to provide $4 billion for mental health and substance use disorder services and $20 billion to meet the health care needs of veterans.

Restoration of emergency paid leave

The plan would reinstate the paid sick and family leave benefits that expired at the end of December until September 30. 

It would extend the benefit to workers employed at businesses with more than 500 employees and less than 50, as well as federal workers who were excluded from the original program. 

Under Biden’s proposal, people who are sick or quarantining, or caring for a child whose school is closed, will receive 14 weeks of paid leave. The government will reimburse employers with fewer than 500 workers for the full cost of providing the leave. 

More assistance for small businesses

The plan calls for providing $15 billion to create a new grant program for small business owners, separate from the existing Paycheck Protection Program

It also proposes making a $35 billion investment in some state, local, tribal, and non-profit financing programs that make low-interest loans and provide venture capital to entrepreneurs. 

Aid for states and schools

Biden wants to send $350 billion to state, local and territorial governments to keep their frontline workers employed, distribute the vaccine, increase testing, reopen schools and maintain vital services. 

Asked during a call with reporters whether states could use the funds to offset declines in tax revenue spurred by the pandemic, a senior Biden administration official did not clarify. The aid is intended to be flexible, an official told CNN later.

Additional assistance to states has been among the most controversial elements of the congressional rescue packages, with Democrats looking to add to the $150 billion in the March legislation and Republicans resisting such efforts. The December package ultimately dropped an initial call to include $160 billion. 

Biden’s plan would also give $20 billion to the hardest-hit public transit agencies to help avert layoffs and the cutting of routes.

The plan would provide an additional $170 billion to K-12 schools, colleges and universities to help them reopen and operate safely or to facilitate remote learning. 

Congress approved $82 billion in aid for schools in December. 

Increased support for vaccines and testing:

The plan calls for investing $20 billion in a national vaccination program, including launching community vaccination centers around the country and mobile units in hard-to-reach areas. Biden would also increase federal support to vaccinate Medicaid enrollees.

The proposal would also invest $50 billion in testing, providing funds to purchase rapid tests, expand lab capacity and help schools implement regular testing to support reopening.

It would also fund the hiring of 100,000 public health workers, nearly tripling the community health workforce. It would address health disparities by expanding community health centers and health services on tribal lands. And it would provide support to long-term care facilities experiencing outbreaks and to prisons for mitigation strategies.

A $15 hourly minimum wage:

Biden is calling on Congress to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and to end the tipped minimum wage and the sub-minimum wage for people with disabilities.

This story has been updated with additional details. CNN Business’ Anna Bahney contributed to this report.


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