Stimulus Broken Down

Stimulus Broken Down

There are three people and congress who are in charge of the next stimulus package 📦

These are Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, and Mitch McConnell.

Congress has proven itself time after time to be useless. They make a quarter of a million dollars a year. They are out of touch.

Nancy Pelosi: Has basically stood her ground. Maybe too much? She has stated $2.2 trillion stimulus package and no less. Turning down Donald Trumps $1.9 trillion dollar stimulus package. To put it plainly, she hasn’t made much progress since she won’t negotiate

Donald Trump: Has been all over the place. Stating his stimulus package will be better than Nancy Pelosi’s $2.2 trillion package. Even though his package is only $1.9 trillion. When asked he states he doesn’t want to support democratic states. No one really knows what he’s doing. It’s possible he’s on drugs, but that’s just my opinion. He is 74 years old… he might just be starting to forget things?

Mitch McConnell: To put it clearer, he pretty much doesn’t want another stimulus package. He didn’t really care for the first package, it didn’t work. He has placed a 500 billion stimulus package proposal twice. Almost knowing that it wouldn’t get passed. He knows his fellow republican senate buddies truly doesn’t want another stimulus package.

There is a lot of blame to go around but what it comes down to is Americans need this stimulus package. The country is in a state of emergency and these three people and congress have not come to an agreement. Everyday more and more Americans are losing their jobs. Children are missing out on school in the most crucial years of their life. The message is, we need help. We need our government to help us and we need it now.

It’s not likely they will come to an agreement before the election. Even if they come to a $2 trillion dollar package agreement it still needs to get passed through the house which takes a few days, get the bill written in legislative language which takes a few days and then sent out for delivery or direct deposited.

The problem is we don’t know how the stimulus package is going to effect the economy. Biden states if he were to be president he would pay debt back by investments. Investments into things that matter like schools, youth etc. he also states he would have a plan in place for the next pandemic or economic recession. Stating that we could have avoided this.


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