The Taco Talk —

The Taco Talk —

The Effects of Laughter on human health

Wisdom comes in all shapes and forms. Laughter is the best way to weather a storm. 

According to Mayo Clinic Staff Laughter has many great health benefits for the human mind and body.  Short- Term laughter may stimulate many organs- air rich such as lungs, heart, muscles and may even increase epinephrine in the human brain.  Laughter also soothes tension by aiding as a muscle relaxant, and activate and release your stress response.  Long-Term laughter benefits include improving your overall immune system- turning the manifested negative chemical reactions into positive chemicals by contrast in flooding the system with the negative to build up immunity to the bad feelings.
If you’re finding yourself gloomy- try smiling.  It doesn’t have to be at anyone, or anything just the act of smiling alone.  In Psychology Today Magazine blogger Sarah Stevenson provides scientific proof that smiling has huge effects on the brain.  Sarah quotes; 
” For starters, smiling activates the release of neuropeptides that work toward fighting off stress (3). Neuropeptides are tiny molecules that allow neurons to communicate. They facilitate messaging to the whole body when we are happy, sad, angry, depressed, or excited. The feel-good neurotransmitters—dopamine, endorphins and serotonin—are all released when a smile flashes across your face as well (4). This not only relaxes your body, but it can also lower your heart rate and blood pressure.”
But what if you’re just too down to smile?  Even watching your favorite videos on repeat doesn’t seem to keep away the gloom.  Try different ways to keep yourself happy.  Doodling, sketching, coloring, writing in a journal, typing, writing letters to loved ones, venting, doing something nice for someone else, making someone else smile, getting outside, playing with your pets, cleaning (yes, a clean home is a clean mind).  Nothing will attract disease and virus more quickly then stress, and depression.  In these trying times I suggest we go out of our way TO be happy.  
I believe that the the power of the mind, and the decisions we make which ultimately lead to our thoughts and actions are so powerful that as a community we can make or break the human universal laws.  Smile even when you’re wearing a mask.  Others can see it in your eyes.  Smile when you’re angry and then laugh because you’re smiling.  Smile because it’s healthy- and being healthy is awesome.  


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